I understand and agree that

(i) I am personally responsible for the funds I have authorized AllPaid to process as a cash bail payment;

(ii) the transaction amount includes a nonrefundable fee AllPaid will keep and retain as its compensation for processing this payment;

(iii) if insufficient funds are available for the cash bail payment and the AllPaid fee AllPaid cannot complete the transaction; and

(iv) agreeing to submit this transaction constitutes an electronic signature for purposes of Section 520.15 of the New York Criminal Procedure Law as well as agreeing to the AllPaid terms and conditions.

I further agree and undertake that the defendant will appear in court whenever required and will at all times render himself/herself amenable to the orders and processes of the court and that the cash bail I have posted will be forfeited if the defendant does not comply with any requirement or order of process to appear in court.